The Dead Plant (By Nunun)

  On the beach side, a woman was sitting with a pot of dead plant. The Sunlight was very sting but her eyes were only focused on the waves in the ocean. She never knew whether the ocean was tipping or not. Occasionally, her eyes were closed and her head bowed. A stranger came and … Continue reading The Dead Plant (By Nunun)


나는 아직도 너를 사랑해 (Prod. Nunun)

Standing on rooftop of the building , I see the busy city tonight. I breathe and ruffle my hair. Your shadow still haunts me. Your voice can not loose in my ears. I cannot live without you. Even though I'm trying to stop, I cannot forget you. I do not think that I've fallen into … Continue reading 나는 아직도 너를 사랑해 (Prod. Nunun)


Aku tahu,  Setiap kehidupan adalah sebuah film. Kita punya aktor aktris dan cerita tersendiri. Kita juga punya pagi dan malam tersendiri yang berbeda dengan orang lain. Cerita kita setiap hari tidak pernah membosankan. Setiap hari, aku ingin merekam film tersebut, Aku ingin fokus terhadap diriku, tetapi terkadang aku tidak menyukai diriku sendiri. Tidak, maksudku aku … Continue reading REFLEKSI